I'm starting to suspect this goes in cycles

So I've been writing again. Every time this happens I seem to get a little bit further along. I actually completed something over 50k, how did that even happen?

Of course, just to keep me humble, it's Marvel fanfiction. This from the diehard DC fangirl. Yeah, I'm as confused as anyone. My husband, of course, will never let me live this down. (We're a mixed DC/Marvel marriage... or at least we were. I only like the movies, I swear.)

Anyway, I'm on AO3 now, because it is awesome. So, yeah, that's a thing, I guess. Wonder how long the creativity will last this time?
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Being a writer

I guess there's some things you can't really deny. I used to write a lot. Then I kind of stopped, because as far as I can tell, I'm not quite a writer. I enjoy writing. I flatter myself I have a fairly good grasp of langauge and grammar. And I have experienced the not-quite-joy of being compelled, quite literally compelled, to sit down at a computer and pour words onto the screen until I'm empty and the story glows.

But there's a lot more I'm missing. The above works very well when it comes to drabbles or short stories, but when it comes to longer works, something seems to break. I tried writing a long work once- the ubiquitous unfinished fantasy novel that everyone has in their top drawer. Wow, was that a piece of crap. Terrible plotting, awful pacing, secondary characters made up on the spur of the moment... yick! And that was when I decided that I only had part of the gift- not enough. I could still enjoy it as a hobby, I could lend my skills to beta working and cheering on near-sisters who actually move to Seattle to follow their dreams and will one day publish an insanely popular fantasy novel (you go girl!), but I'm not really a writer.

So why did I come home from work yesterday, write like a woman posessed, and then spend the rest of the evening spontanously bursting into tears and arguing the meaning of true love with my husband because there's more to what I wrote but it won't come out?!?!!